Call your MP – English Sample Script

Sample Script for Shakti: Call Your MP Campaign
Dec 27th 7 PM – 9.30 PM
When you call the MP & he/she picks up the phone, this script helps you with the conversation


Hello MP his/her name here Madam/Sir,

Good evening or Namaskar/Vanakkam etc.

I am your name here calling as part of the Shakti – Call Your MP national campaign tonight.

We request you to bring up the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament for discussion this session. Please do table it & push for passing the Bill.

As you know, we have barely 10% women in Parliament for 70 years now and this is the last Parliament session for this term.

I am reaching out to you as the elected representative and request you to echo this people’s demand in Parliament.

Our demand is to please ensure the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill this session.

Will you support this Bill and raise it in Parliament? (Wait for Yes/No answer)

Hope you will heed our demand.
Thank you very much for your time!

Please note the MP’s answer to the question: Will you support this Bill? Yes/No
Whatspp or SMS: MP-name Yes/No to +91 9341941945