About Us

Shakti – Political Power To Women is a public pressure group, lead by non- partisan women passionate about female leaders in politics. We have joined hands with the long term objective enabling more women to be elected as MLAs and MPs. Shakti is not affiliated to any political party. 


Our beginning was a local round table of women leaders in Goa, in October 2018.
Shakti’s launch was a national event held in Bengaluru on December 8th 2018. The name Shakti & logo were launched. It was attended by 500 women from all sections of society interested in furthering this cause. It is was a day long dialogue with women leaders & aspirants from political parties, intersectional researchers of gender, women pursuing careers in politics, grass roots activists working with women in local bodies, journalists and others. 
Lok Sabha MP Sushmita Dev, also head of the Congress Women’s Wing, BJP spokesperson Malavika Avinash, past MLAs and Ministers, parties like JDS, DMK, NCP, AIADMK, Sarpanches and Panchayat leaders from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and women leaders, political consultants and experts from across India participated in the event. 
The event ended with the audience resolving to create a national platform with state caucuses, and with specific goals to foster women’s elections to Assemblies & Parliament.

Why Shakti